You should try it out.

Trying different things is necessary to find something you truly love.

How will you find your passion or talents without first trying them out?

  • What if J.K. Rowling never started writing?
  • What if Picasso never started painting?

You can’t let your lack of ability or experience limit your willingness to try something new.

Even the best of the best were once beginners at the things they’re now known for. Nobody is good at something without hours and hours of practice and dedication.

If something sounds interesting to you – go ahead and make it happen!

What’s the worst case scenario in that situation? It’s probably that you decide you don’t love something and move onto the next thing…

Easy enough! At least you gave it a try.

Do, learn, repeat.

The more you try, the more you’ll learn.

And with each “failed” attempt, the better equipped you will be in your next pursuit.

*This is something I am personally focusing on big time this year.

One of the biggest mistakes I have made in the past was sticking with something assuming that it was my “calling” or “passion” or “gift.”

I stuck with it because I didn’t think I had any hope in any other areas of my life.

Photography was something I had loved since eighth grade, so I figured it MUST have been my forever purpose. Well guess what?

I was wrong.

I stuck with a job far too long thinking I wasn’t qualified or prepared for anything else in life. I was terrified of changing my identity.

After finally taking that leap of faith that I needed – a world of opportunity presented itself.

I began to see clearly all of the options that life provides. Suddenly, I didn’t seem so attached to my identity as a “photographer.”

Instead, I allowed myself to explore other things I was interested in.

Change provides clarity.

If I continued to believe that my first “career” was the only one I was ever qualified for, I wouldn’t even be here writing this.

Had I not taken the time and effort to explore other options in life, I wouldn’t have found the clarity that has come from doing something that truly excites me and pushes me to live an abundant life.

Most importantly – if I had wallowed in my own doubt, I would not have discovered the gifts I have that can be used to encourage and serve others.

I would have robbed OTHERS of my service and ability to help them.

Life is too short to stick to something you “think” is your only option.

Spoiler alert – there IS a path for finding joy in your work, AND to create sufficient income doing so.

Use this as your motivation to try something new today, this week, or this month. Get out there and explore your options.

You might just find something you love. 😎

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–Eric P

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