Do it every day.

What’s so powerful about doing “your thing” every single day?

The truth is that there is no special sauce that will guarantee success. Not in any facet of life.

This fact is a humbling one.

Time and time again we hear about things that made a certain person succeed, but each answer is unique.

If only there was one specific thing you could do each day to ensure success… Wouldn’t it be nice?

The path towards any sort of stand-out success boils down to two specific things:

  1. Finding and committing to YOUR individual talent.
  2. Practicing that EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Made in the Mundane

Michael Jordan, Albert Pujols, your favorite artist, musician, etc etc – these people became obsessed with the “motions.” They practiced the fundamentals of their craft day in and day out.

Albert Pujols didn’t waste a single pitch thrown to him, regardless of the circumstances.

Michael Jordan shot a basketball (with the correct form) every chance he could get. He understood the importance of repetition.

These unmatched performers fell in love with the “mundane.” They committed to THEIR system and process until they found progress.

Then – until they became great.

Then – until they became the best in the WORLD in their craft.

Ultra success didn’t happen by accident for these people. It wasn’t a result of going through the motions like everyone else on the team.

Every one of these people have stories of the challenge they had to overcome, and the work they had to put in.

They perfected their craft every single day.

  • Were they successful from a renounced morning routine? No.
  • Were they born into success? No.
  • Were they successful because of their upbringing? Definitely not.

They were successful because they committed to ONE thing long enough to become the best in the world.

What’s YOUR thing?

What is the thing that you are willing to obsess over? How can you use this thing to serve others?

Make a commitment to YOUR craft today. This week. This month. This year.

Create time in your day to ensure that you’re practicing every single day.

You should love it enough that this commitment is easy.

Even still, there will be days when the last thing you want to do is practice your craft. But the days of overcoming your lack of motivation are the days you progress the most.

Circumstances change?

You didn’t get enough sleep?

Someone else is better than you at it?

You aren’t seeing results?

Failed at it once again?

Do your thing.


We always search for the golden nugget of information that will change our lives forever. Some days we feel like we’ve found it. Many will claim that they have the recipe.

But it boils down to the one thing that we don’t want to hear: It’s made in the mundane.

Consistency. Practice. Form. Repetition. Commitment.

This is where your dreams are made…

Doing it every single day until you succeed – or succeed in giving up.

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–Eric P

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