How to Embrace Change

Throughout the past year, change has been one of the main themes of everything I do. After working five years at an agency where I felt like my life stayed stagnant the entire time, change has now been welcomed and enjoyed.

Life will always be full of changes. Change is inevitable. Change can be embraced and used for your good, or can be a roadblock in your path – and the difference is in your mindset.

Of course, some changes in life are much different than others. Some are expected and others are sudden. Some are welcomed and others are fought.

Change can be both a blessing and a curse.

There may even be circumstances that you change jobs for example, and you know it needed to happen, yet leaving your old job is difficult and discouraging.

You may second guess if this was the right decision. You might feel like you’ve disappointed the workplace you previously worked for. We often second guess these things because we begin to understand more clearly that change will be taking place. It’s always uncomfortable at first.

Change can either be embraced or rejected. You do the choosing.

For me, recent change has including changing my interests and “career path,” learning about new things, and moving out of our first apartment as a married couple.

For me, change has been a healthy reminder of growth and discovery. Without “good” change, growth is not present. Complacency lies in the absence of change.

So, how do you embrace change rather than reject it?

Realize that it is a reminder to start anew.

  • If change was always accepted as a simple form of “difference,” how would your life look different?
  • Instead of refusing change and instead allowing it to happen, would you be further from your goals or closer to them?
  • Think about a time in your life where change took place. In retrospect, was that change a good or bad thing? How did it play out?

Whether you’re in the middle of change right now, are soon to be dealing with change, or are still learning from a change in the past – be reminded that change is difficult at first. It always will be affiliated with a layer of unknown or uncertainty.

Choose to be excited about that uncertainty. Use that nervousness as encouragement!

Change offers itself as a ripe opportunity for two things:

  • Growth
  • Grief

You can decide which route to take. Given change, how will you respond?

Will you use it as an opportunity to embrace the difference, and use it for good? Or will you decide that life is not fair, and you deserve to be in the comfortable spot you were previously?

Change offers you the incredible opportunity to help others who have been through the same transition you have.

Choose to grow with change!

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– Eric P

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