Here’s why you should share your story.

We all have a story to tell. Whether it be long or short, good or bad, boring or intriguing, unique or typical.

As creators, it is our duty to share this story with the world. No matter what point you’re at on your journey, there are thousands of people who can relate to exactly where you are.

How can you share your story?

Sharing your personal journey might not always be easy. It’s uncomfortable and even embarrassing.

Think about sharing your:

  • Highs
  • Lows
  • Worries
  • Doubts
  • Wins
  • Losses
  • Failures
  • Questions

Being vulnerable allows for your audience to connect with you on a sub-surface level. Instead of assuming that you never have any problems – your audience can see that you’re human just like everyone else.

The world needs more vulnerability.

This is the side of the story that is seldom told. It’s easy to look past the nitty gritty beginnings of what becomes an “overnight success.”

Sharing your story in an honest way avoids this misconception. When you share your story from your humble beginnings, there’s proof in the pudding. There is proof in your content.

Your Story as Credibility

When you see an incredible video online, find the creator’s profile and scroll down a couple years. I can guarantee that the videos they made two years ago weren’t nearly as impressive.

The same goes with any creative outlet.

You must be terrible at something first, to become terrific. Your favorite “person” started as a beginner.

They weren’t born this good. Where you see them today is a summary of years of trial and error. The moment you discovered who they are, all started with a journey long before you discovered them.

Let Your Story Be Known

With all this to say – I want to encourage you to tell your story. Be honest, be vulnerable, be descriptive.

When social media shows “everything is perfect all the time”, your ability to open up will be a breath of fresh air that people will be drawn to. Being able to relate with someone on a similar level is much more appealing than feeling envy towards someone else that is “more successful” than you are.

That mindset drains you of your potential.

  • Build one another up.
  • Challenge each other.
  • Share your wins and losses with others in a similar place on their creative journey.

Honesty = Clarity

Even if you don’t share this story with others to begin – share your story through writing.

Empty your mind onto a digital notes app, or onto a blank sheet of paper.

Do this DAILY!

You won’t believe what you might have bottled up that you didn’t even know existed. Frustrations, fears, strengths, weaknesses, ideas, and information will spring forth abundantly.

It’s an extremely freeing exercise you must try. Read more about my method here.

Eventually, you should share your story to your audience of 50 or 5,000. Telling your story will be beneficial regardless of who’s listening.

People will resonate with you specifically. They will picture themselves somewhere along your timeline, and will be encouraged by the steps you took to move past that point.

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–Eric P

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