Talking to strangers?!

Today I want to highlight the importance of talking to people. It may sound like a silly concept, but unfortunately it is not done nearly enough.

Think about the amount of people you brush shoulders with each day, and never exchange anything more than a smile, wave, or nod. Have you ever thought about who these people might be or how you might relate to them?

Real connection is rare – but possible.

The fact is that you aren’t going to click with everyone you ever meet. More often than not, I truly connect with maybe 5% of people I meet. It is not a super common thing for me.

But when that connection naturally presents itself, it’s an amazing feeling that energizes me and gives me confidence to meet more people.

To put myself out there and say hello, or ask a stranger a question to open up conversation. What might be different in your life if you chatted with more of the people you find yourself around?

Some may just be a short conversation about the weather, or how long it is taking to get your food… but others might turn into a genuine exchange of ideas and information. More than that, your conversation could end in something even more unique! You will never know until the conversation is started.

Navigating the Mundane

Asking someone how they’re doing, or how their job is going will likely result in another typical conversation.

But as soon as you ask someone about:

  • what they’ve been passionate about lately
  • what they’ve been doing for fun
  • what kind of projects they’re excited about
  • what they’re doing this weekend

…the opportunities are endless for the conversation to shift toward things you may both be genuinely interested in.

Practice It!

Be about the things you want to cultivate.

Share about them, post about them, reach out to other people who do what you do, meet local people doing the same thing.

Talk to people!

Who have you been wanting to reach out to? What might ONE MORE conversation do to further your ideas, goals, or business?

Make it a priority this week to get out of your comfort zone to start (at least) one conversation that you wouldn’t have before reading this.

Make that connection with someone. You won’t regret it!

–Eric P

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