What does Christmas really mean?

Each year around this time, we’re reminded once again what the true meaning of Christmas is.

The season begins with decorations and Christmas music beginning any time between Halloween and Thanksgiving – depending on the level of dedication. It seems that every year the Christmas spirit begins earlier and earlier.

With a season so joyous, it’s difficult to not want to prolong it as long as possible.

Eric Pfohl What Does Christmas Mean

From covering your house and yard with Christmas lights, to the rising popularity of yard inflatables, Christmas trees, festive (or ugly) sweaters, music on the radio and in retail stores, and gifts under the Christmas tree – there are so many reminders of Christmas ALL around us.

One of my personal favorites is all of the Christmas lights at the houses as you drive around town. Each family has a slightly different taste – with different colors lights, different ways of stringing them, and unique ways of representing their own style.

Each one of these houses aglow, is a simple yet profound reminder of a Christmas long long ago.

To me, an overarching theme of Christmas is “light.” They are all around this time of year.

But why? What do colorful lights on our houses, Christmas trees, sweaters, and stores represent?

We are all drawn to light. The warm and cozy glow of these (overpriced :)) string lights bring us a sense of comfort and joy during the cold and snowy season. These lights are a way of expressing our own styles and excitement about Christmas. The more light, the more beautiful.

All of these lights are a reminder of the Light of the World.

Although the world wants to continually replace “Merry Christmas” with “Happy Holidays,” we must hold tight to the true meaning and name of Christmas.

The humble birth of a wonderful Savior – Jesus Christ.

The prophesies that were written over the course of hundreds of years before His incarnation were fulfilled that very night, when the Virgin Mary gave birth to Jesus – which means “God saves.”

His birth finally brought the perfect light into a dark and fallen world. 

This perfect, sinless life would end on a cross, with outstretched arms nailed to a tree. He was constantly mocked, ridiculed, and shamed. All of this to save sinners like you and me.

He was born to die.

Along with His death was the death of the penalty of sin. We can find freedom from the wrath of God because of this humble act. 

His death opened the gates for us to once again be reconciled with God, once and for all.

This season we are reminded of Jesus’ birth in a manger. God’s act of becoming man in the humblest of ways.

Let’s not forget the whole story of Christ – where the true light of Christmas shines because of His death on a cross that set us from from eternal punishment.

We find JOY, PEACE, and HOPE this season because of this, and this alone.

Merry Christmas to all!

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–Eric P

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